Keyboard Express and ShortKeys

Keyboard Express, a great companion to ShortKeys.

With ShortKeys, you type an abbreviation and ShortKeys plays replacement text. This can be as short as an often misspelled word or as long as several paragraphs.

Keyboard Express contains many of the features in ShortKeys and much more!

Keyboard Express allows you to execute (play back) macros by pressing a hotkey, on a schedule or via a shortkey. Choose a hotkey combination from one of the 846 different hotkey combinations available such as CTRL+ALT+R or Shift F12.

Keyboard Express can also execute a macro on a schedule. You can program the macro to play back hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Schedules such as the first Tuesday of every quarter or every 15 days can also be accommodated. You can set up practically any type of schedule with Keyboard Express.

Use ShortKeys and Keyboard Express at the same time!

  • Have two ways to activate shortkey macros. One defined in ShortKeys and the other in Keyboard Express. In ShortKeys you could have shortkey macros activated with a prefix and in Keyboard Express have other macros activated with a suffix.

  • ShortKeys has the Replace Word feature that allows you to add one additional letter to your shortkey and change the ending of a word in the replacement text.