Type Faster

Quickly open apps and web pages

Automate Responses

Schedule macros to run unattended

Create repeat loops for repetitive tasks

Add date and time stamps

  . . .  and much more

Program Features

  • Define virtually unlimited number of macros per macro file with virtually no limit to the number of keystrokes per macro.
  • Choose from 846 hotkey combinations.
  • Create multiple macro files.
  • Assign hotkeys to specific windows or make them global.
  • Key in text or auto-capture common keystrokes.
  • Quickly add, modify, delete, copy and move hotkeys.
  • Import/Export single macro or a group of macros.
  • Print list of hotkeys for future reference.
  • Command line options such as Browse Mode (to prevent users from changing the macros) and loading in specific macro files.
  • Networking option with file locking capability.

Schedule Macros

Schedule macros to run at given time intervals. Practically any schedule may be developed.

  • At startup of Keyboard Express
  • Hourly
  • Daily (choose any or all days of the week)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • One given time
  • Every “x” minutes
  • After “x” minutes of computer idle time
  • When a Keyboard Express macro file loads


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Creating Macros

  • Write the macros in the Keyboard Express Editor.
  • Record your keystrokes and save to a macro.
  • Use the Quick Macros feature to quickly create macros for any number of Windows functions.

Quick Macros

  • Press a hotkey to Search the Web.
  • Quickly develop macros to shut down the computer, reboot, hibernate, lock workstation and more.
  • Minimize, maximize, or cascade windows with the press of a key.
  • Press a hotkey to open Control Panel applets or other Windows folders such as the Recycle Bin, My Computer, Printers, etc.

Text or Keystrokes

  • Easily include special keys such as ALT, F1, LEFT ARROW, SPACE, etc.
  • Insert symbols or foreign language characters.
  • Add date and time stamps to documents, emails, etc.

Program Activation/Internet

  • Launch a program or activate (switch to) a window from a macro.
  • Launch a browser and go to specific URL’s.

Macro Timing

  • Include macro delays in seconds or milliseconds.
  • Pause a macro for user input or to provide instructions or comments.
  • Insert Wait commands for more precise macro timing.
  • Adjust the playback speed of the keystrokes. 

Other Macro Commands

  • Macro repeat command with optional incremental counter.
  • Play back sounds during macros.
  • Embed remarks in macros for macro clarity.
  • Instruct a macro to load in a new macro file.
  • Position and/or resize Windows of other applications.
  • Load in a text file during macro playback and process as part of the macro.
  • Have one macro call another macro.

For more information, download the Keyboard Express features Data Sheet (344 KB Adobe PDF).