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Contact: Stan Jones
Phone: 801-927-5009

Keyboard Express is Ideal for Tedious, Repetitive Computer Tasks

Kaysville, UT – Insight Software Solutions announces the latest release of its robust Windows keyboard macro software, Keyboard Express v

Keyboard Express is the ideal way to record or store your repetitive keystroke entries. Create the macro once and press a key to play back the keystrokes at a much faster rate than you can type manually. In addition to saving time, Keyboard Express reduces or eliminates typing errors caused by boredom, fatigue or carelessness.

Customer Marvin P. explained, “I work on a database and your product has been invaluable for making repetitive inserts and changes to the database. Also great for those simple things such as entering an email address – over and over again.”

Create macros to insert chunks of boilerplate text into documents. Repetitively copy data from one application and paste it into another. Use macros to drill down through endless program menus and choices. Load software and documents or open web pages with a key press.

Keyboard Express is an inexpensive way to boost productivity and free up precious time. Find out for yourself what these customers have discovered using Keyboard Express.

“This is a great product! It has saved us thousands of dollars!” –Mark, NY

“Keyboard Express will save our group thousands and gain me recognition as a miracle worker. Thanks!” –Thomas, NJ

Choose from three easy methods for creating your macros:

  • Write the macros step by step in the Keyboard Express – Editor. Select from a list of commands and insert them into the macro. No programming skills are required or necessary.
  • Capture (record) your keystrokes. Start the recording of the macro and enter the keystrokes in your application. When finished, stop the recording and save the macro.
  • Choose from one of the many Quick Macros available and assign a specific function or action to a hot key.

When the macro is complete there are three methods available for running it.

  • Press a hotkey such as Ctrl + R, or Alt + F11. Choose from over 840 combinations.
  • Type a shortkey – a short letter combination from 2 to 32 characters.
  • Run the macro on a schedule –hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or any other schedule needed.

Keyboard Express automates boring, repetitive computer tasks. Do it quicker, more reliably and with less stress. The software pays for itself within days and frequently much sooner.

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