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My macros do not play back.

Below are several suggestions of things to try.

1. First make sure that the program is running.

2. Check to see that the macro scope is set to Global or that the correct window is open if the scope is set to Specific Window.

3. If you are using the shortkey activation, click on Options > Preferences > Shortkeys. Make sure that you have the Prefix or Suffix Key option set to the way you expect the program to work. 

4. If you have just installed the program, reboot the computer and then try running a macro.

5. Click on Tools | Restore Keyboard Hooks and then try playing back a macro.

6. Close Keyboard Express – File | Terminate Keyboard Express. Locate the shortcut to start the program and right click on it. Select Run as Administrator and follow any UAC prompts to finish loading the program.

7. Check your security software to make sure it allows Keyboard Express to function properly.

8. Try shutting down applications on your computer – including the ones that run in the background. Test run a macro after closing each application. See if you can determine which program is conflicting with Keyboard Express.

9. Another possibility would be a virus. There are some viruses that will block the keyboard hooks, which will prevent macros from playing. Make sure your virus definitions are up to date and run a complete virus scan.