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My macro seems to go crazy and play out of sequence.

This problem is typically related to macro timing.

1. The text is playing back too fast for the application to accept it. Use the Keystroke Speed command to slow down the playback of the text. Or if the macro only plays back text, then use the Clipboard Paste option to paste the text into the receiving application.

2. The macro may be opening a program or window and subsequent keystrokes are being sent before the application is ready to receive them. Insert a Delay after the command to open a window or application to give time for the window to be ready to receive text input. Or use the Wait for Window Title command.

3. Or the other problem may be that the same hot key is assigned to multiple macros – usually in separate .kex macro files. The program may be trying to run the macros at the same time, causing things to play out of sequence.