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Can I auto repeat keystrokes?

This question references the “Why can’t I hold down the CTRL key and continue to press and release the “a” key for multiple CTRL+A macros to be played?”. The real answer deals with the “global” nature of our program–that is our macros will work in any program at any time. For this to occur, we actually send the keystrokes through the Windows internal keystroke processing system just as if the key were pressed from the keyboard. Because of this, all keys must be released before the macro plays back. This is to ensure that no adverse keyboard effects will affect the playback of the macro.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you assigned your company name of “My Company, Inc.” to the hot key “Alt-A”. You hold down the ALT key and press the “A” key. If the macro were to start playing immediately upon doing this, the ALT key would still be held down by you and the macro would play back as ALT-M, ALT-y, etc until you released the ALT key. To prevent this from occurring, we require all keys to be released before the macro will start.