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Video Tutorials

View the tutorial videos to learn how to use Keyboard Express and create macros using step-by-step instructions. The free Adobe Flash Player add-on is required.

  Video Tutorials  

Recording a Macro (3:20 minutes)
Record a macro by capturing the steps you take. This video demonstrates how to record a macro. It details how to highlight two lines of text in the notepad program, change the font style to bold and resize the font.
Capture a macro

Create a Simple Macro to Type an Address (2:18 minutes)
This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple macro assigned to a hotkey.
Create a macro that types an address when you press a hotkey.

Shortkey Macros (3:18 minutes)
Creating a shortkey activated macro and play it back using the prefix and suffix activation methods.
Create a shortkey activated macro

Using Quick Macros (1:47 minutes)
Shows how to use the Quick Macro feature by creating a macro to open the Windows Control Panel.
Quick Macros, Open Control Panel.

Scheduled Macro (4:19 minutes)
Demonstrates how to create a scheduled macro and use a repeat loop.
Create a scheduled macro that uses a repeat loop.

Limit a Macro to a Specific Window (2:19 minutes)
Demonstrates how to create a macro that only runs in a specific window.
Edit an existing macro and use the Specific Window feature

A Macro to Copy and Paste Text (5:41 minutes)
Demonstrates how to copy text from one application and paste it into another. Create a macro, copy text from Notepad to Wordpad.
Create a macro using Window Activate, Wait for Window Title, Clipboard Copy, Clipboard Paste and Repeat commands.