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Save Time!

Keyboard Express saves time and simplifies the things you do on the computer. Here are just a few of the ways that Keyboard Express will save you time and increase your productivity.


  • Effortlessly insert frequently used text such as Name, Address, Letterhead or Boilerplate (legal, medical, real estate, more) into other applications.
  • Simply and quickly insert symbols such as ® € £ ‰ ¢ ™ or international characters á ü ñ Ö ¿ and more into documents.
  • Add a date and time stamp to documents, emails, etc.

Customer Support

  • Write answers to frequently asked questions and save them as macros. Instead of retyping responses to each repetitive email question, just press a hotkey.
  • Create boilerplate text for price quotes, job orders, etc.


  • Open your favorite web sites with a macro.
  • Press a hotkey to perform a web search.
  • Automatically fill in forms.


  • Automate tedious menu sequences in applications.
  • Create hotkeys to perform repetitive tasks in programs.
  • Automate tasks between two applications (repetitively swap between windows performing tasks such as copy and paste).
  • Launch programs.
  • Schedule programs to run unattended with instructions of what should be done.


  • Quickly develop macros to shut down the computer, reboot, hibernate, lock workstation and more.
  • Minimize, maximize or cascade windows with the press of a key.
  • Press a hotkey to open specific Control Panel applets or other Windows folders such as the Recycle Bin, My Computer, Printers, etc.


  • Create reminder messages to pop up on your screen at specific dates and times.
  • Automatically resize windows or move them to a different location on the screen.

"Thanks for saving me HOURS of very boring typing. What a great app!" --George D., Georgia

"This is a great product! It has saved us thousands of dollars!" --Mark, New York

"Great program. Use MS-Works to publish a weekly bulletin and this saves tons of keystrokes." --Gene, Texas

"This program has already saved me a great deal of time. The longer I have it, the more uses I find." --Thom, Ohio