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Release Notes

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  1. Fixed issues with Quick Macro on high DPI/4K monitors.
  2. Fixed a problem with Quick Macro, Search The Web, search Google.
  3. Fixed the cause of a crash that could occur with certain Windows visual themes.
  4. Added support for Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022.
  5. Fixed a problem where a macro file could be loaded more than once when a .wcfg file that has extra spaces around the macro file path is used.
  6. Fixed the cause of a crash in that could occur if the License Code entered is too short.
  7. Fixed an issue where if a Keyboard Express 3 license was in the clipboard Keyboard Express 4 would display the license found message.
  8. Several other bug fixes and security patches.

Release Notes for previous versions
    version 4.3
    version 4.2
    version 4.1
    version 4.0

Release Notes for current version
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