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Release Notes

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  1. Adjustments were made in several places to support ultra high resolution / 4K displays.
  2. Added Win+End, Win+Alt+End and Win+Ctrl+End to the choices for HotKey to abort macros and HotKey to pause macros.
  3. Icons in the Notification Area can now be set to be displayed or hidden and Windows will remember the setting.
  4. The list of HotKeys in Quick Wizards now displays HotKeys reserved for or restricted by Windows in different colors.
  5. Added Theme preference setting.
  6. Added an option to play a sound every time a macro is activated.
  7. The Web Site command now defaults to https:// instead of http://.
  8. Changed references from system tray to Notification Area.
  9. The Scheduler Alarm sound has been renamed to Scheduler Notification and now allows the default system sounds to be used instead of a .wav file.
  10. Improved macro backup.

    Bug Fixes

  11. Fixed problems with the Swap File and Close Macro File commands.
  12. Fixed a problem where the Clipboard Paste command was never saved.
  13. Double clicking on a macro in a macro file set to Read Only no longer brings up the macro in the editor.
  14. Clicking the Reset Page button on the Activation preferences now correctly sets the HotKey to enable/disable to Pause.
  15. Fixed a possible lockup that could occur when two or more macro file backups occur at the same time.
  16. Fixed a bug that could cause the program to forget which macro files are loaded.
  17. Fixed a bug that could cause the backup location and pattern to be reset.
  18. Fixed security vulnerability CVE-2014-0994 relating to bitmap images.
  19. Fixed a problem that occurred if the Scheduler Notification sound was enabled but the scheduled macro did not finish before it was scheduled to run again.
  20. Fixed a problem with the option to play a sound every time a macro is activated.
  21. Fixed the MACROFILEDEST Advanced Installation option.
  22. Fixed a problem where the "Save settings for all users" would delete the list of macro files to load from HKCU.
  23. Fixed the default crash report path.

Release Notes for previous versions
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