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Define virtually unlimited number of macros per macro file with virtually no limit to the number of keystrokes per macro.
Choose from 846 hotkey combinations.
Create multiple macro files.
Assign hotkeys to specific windows or make them global.
Simply key in text or auto-capture common keystrokes.
Quickly add, modify, delete, copy and move hotkeys.
Import/Export single macro or a group of macros.
Print list of hotkeys for future reference.
Command line options such as Browse Mode (to prevent users from changing the macros) and loading in specific macro files.
Networking option with file locking capability.

Text or Keystrokes

Easily include special keys such as ALT, F1, LEFT ARROW, SPACE, etc.
Insert symbols or foreign language characters.
Add date and time stamps to documents, emails, etc.

Program Activation/Internet

Launch a program or activate (switch to) a window from a macro.
Launch browser and go to specific URL's.
Instruct macros to wait until the web page has fully loaded.

Schedule Macros

Schedule macros to play at given time intervals. Practically any schedule necessary may be developed. Below are the different scheduling options.
  • At startup of Keyboard Express
  • Hourly
  • Daily (choose any or all days of the week)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • One given time
  • Every "x" minutes
  • After "x" minutes of computer idle time
  • When a Keyboard Express macro file loads

Macro Timing

Include timed delays or pauses in the macros.
Wait commands for more precise macro timing.
Add instructions or comments for users during pauses.
Keystroke playback speed option

Quick Macros

Press a hotkey to Search the Web.
Quickly develop macros to shut down the computer, reboot, hibernate, lock workstation and more.
Minimize, maximize or cascade windows with the press of a key.
Press a hotkey to open specific Control Panel applets or other Windows folders such as the Recycle Bin, My Computer, Printers, etc.

Other Macro Commands

Macro repeat command with optional incremental counter.
Play back sounds during macros.
Embed remarks in macros for macro clarity.
Instruct a macro to load in a new macro file.
Position and/or resize Windows of other applications.
Load in a text file during macro playback and process as part of the macro.
Have one macro call another macro.

For more information, download the Keyboard Express features Data Sheet (344 KB Adobe PDF).