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Customer Comments

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"I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I have been using this for over 12 YEARS. Every time I get a new job, I make my boss buy this product!!!" --Sunni G.
"I work on a database and your product has been invaluable for making repetitive inserts and changes to the database. Also great for those simple things such as entering an email address - over and over again." --Marvin P., Iowa
"Keyboard Express has been a valuable tool for my gaming in the last 3 years!" --Brandon C., Missouri
"Thanks for saving me HOURS of very boring typing. What a great app!" --George D., Georgia
"I want to thank you for creating Keyboard Express, what a wonderful and useful tool it was! I have been using it for quite a while now, and it really benefit[s] me personally and also, at my workplace. I praise to your programmers, a magnificent job done!" --Peter H. W., Florida
"Great product! I'm a stroke/anuerysm survivor and it's priceless to me!!!" --Ellen, Georgia
"Excellent product! I downloaded the trial version last night and couldn't believe how easy it was to use or how well it worked. It does everything I was looking for and more. It's definitely worth the purchase price!" -- Charles H., Washington
"I have used, loved, and depended upon Keyboard Express since the first beta was released years ago. I am a fan." --Michael L., South Carolina
"This program has so many great features I tell ya- well done!! Money well spent!" --Mark   more information
"Keyboard Express is a great time-saver. Everytime I use a macro, which is dozens of times a day, I am glad I bought it for both my work and home machines. The new 3.0 is a great upgrade. Thanks for a solid, useful product." --Jeff M.
"I've been using Keyboard Express for over four years now. It's one of two or three 'indispensable' utilities on my computer." --Ara, Indiana
"This is a great product! It has saved us thousands of dollars!" --Mark, New York
"Keyboard Express is so handy I don't know how I ever got along without it!" --Joni, Ohio
"First of all, thank you for is the single most useful program I have ever installed on my system!" --George, Australia
"Great program. Use MS-Works to publish a weekly bulletin and this saves tons of keystrokes." --Gene, Texas
"Finally!!! After using a hot-key shortcut program on an Amiga for 10 years, I finally find one for the PC. Thanks much for the effort." --Robert, Washington
"I like your program and think that it is an absolutely necessary addition to Windows. Thank you." --Edward, Maryland
"Dynamite utility! Definitely one for the 'startup' group." --Mark, Washington, DC
"Excellent product." --James, New York
"Great Program! Already saved me major pain and suffering!" --Robert, Florida
"I have been looking for something like this for ages, I love this program. Thank you." --Arthur, New Zealand
"Often great help on using many applications in Windows." --Mika, Finland
"Only key capture program that is worth anything." --John, Illinois
"Thanks so much! Just what I needed!" --Becky, Oregon
"Thanks to your program I will be getting a raise." --Smith, Texas
"Very good - great for entering contests on the net." --Steven, Maryland
"Brilliant, makes working with CAD a breeze." --Rolf, Australia
"Like a best seller - I can't put it down." --Darwin, Australia
"This program has already saved me a great deal of time. The longer I have it, the more uses I find." --Thom, Ohio
"I have heard so much about Keyboard Express that I had to check it out for myself. The praises I heard did not do it justice. I can see the many benefits at the workplace for Keyboard Express. This program will ease the stress level of employees who undoubtedly suffer from the monotony of filling in the same info over and over. The owners and managers will benefit from the morale boost and the consumers will overall win with this program." --Jim, Mississippi
"Keyboard Express will save our group thousands and gain me recognition as a miracle worker. Thanks!" --Thomas, NJ
"I love this product! It makes my online sweepstakes so much easier to enter! I can't go back to the old fashioned way!" --Sheryl, LA