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Nascar 2002 Racing

This program has so many great features I tell ya- well done!!

Just because I think its cool, here's what I'm doing with it...

I use it to push information to drivers on my Nascar 2002 racing server while they race. I have a website that accompanies the server and I was tired of typing all the time the url to drivers to advertise it (there is no messaging capability in the server software). Basically while they drive every 15 minutes or so a broadcast comes over, automated of course.

Well after seeing all the cool things your progie could do, I have now created a fully automated system where, my online statistics database generates several text files with info like most wins, best qualify time, most pole positions etc. Keyboard Express then imports those files during a macro loop and "types" that info to the screen every so often. It also displays current time and other tid bits. Keyboard Express also overcomes nascar 2002 problem of inputing type to quickly with the millisecond delay command.

I love this program!

Anyway, thanks again for the support, money well spent!