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Keyboard Express Affiliate Program

Become a Keyboard Express affiliate and build steady revenue through your website. As a web site owner, advertise Keyboard Express to your colleagues, website visitors, newsletter subscribers and others. BlueSnap, an established leader in online commerce, manages our affiliate program.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate:

  • It's absolutely FREE to join.
  • Keyboard Express is so easy and saves so much time, it will sell itself.
  • Earn a 30% commission.
  • Easy to implement. Just add buy links to your site and start selling!

Signing up is a snap

1. Enroll

Sign up to become a BlueSnap affiliate. After creating an affiliate account, you will receive a unique affiliate ID and a product purchase link.

2. Promote

Add your affiliate ID to the product purchase link on your website.

3. Earn

When your visitors, subscribers, and colleagues purchase Keyboard Express, your account will be updated to show the commission you've earned.

It's that easy!

Join the Keyboard Express affiliate program and start making money today...